When All is Aligned,

All is Well.

You deserve to thrive in this life with freedom and a vibrant love for yourself that spills out into the world around you.

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Align with your Future Self

Sometimes, all it takes is claiming what you want to the universe and aligning with that Future version of you that is already living the life of your dreams.

To all of you driven, ambitious healers out there...

Who are burned out in your current roles... 

Who don't feel aligned with your purpose...

Who long for more fulfillment and happiness in your life & business...


I see you. I hear you.

I have space to hold for you.

1:1 Coaching

In the 1:1 coaching space, you will get an individualized coaching experience that is tailored to your needs for your life or business so that you can heal from your past, and let go of any fears or limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

We dive deep in this space. You will feel seen and heard. This coaching container is dedicated to allowing you to step into your power and find your authentic voice.


Group Coaching

I am a lead mentor for a stellar business mentorship program that offers group coaching to nurse coaches who want to build a thriving private practice.

Group coaching is a powerful, interactive experience where you can feel fully seen, heard, and supported by others in your community.

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Biz Membership

If you are a nurse coach who is stuck in the tech-y, creative side of business -- I have the perfect space for you! 

My business membership was created specifically to help nurse coaches connect with their creative energy and systematize and scale their biz using tech.

Hi there, I'm Shawne —

Board Certified Nurse Coach & Life Alignment Coach.

As a Life Alignment Coach, my purpose is to advocate for you, hold space, and empower you in your pursuit of a happy and heart-aligned life. After years of working as a registered nurse in conventional healthcare, and doing my own healing work within myself, I’ve discovered that true fulfillment starts from within.

I have spent most of my career working with patients and fellow healthcare providers suffering from pain, emotional and physical trauma, burnout, and preventable chronic illnesses. So I’ve decided to elevate my nursing practice to align more with who I truly am as a healer, and what I know healthcare desperately needs:

A compassionate space through which to heal.

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"She helped me change my mindset, listen to my heart and reclaim inspiration in my business. Shawne offers gentle coaching with immense depth, and I am grateful to have met her!"

Sterling, WA

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This free mini-course is a step-by-step resource to help those of you nurse coaches starting out in private practice set up an organized and seamless system to run your 1:1 coaching business!