1:1 CEO Intensive

A two-week intensive coaching & mentorship experience to help you create more Confidence, Clarity & Creativity as a CEO in your soul-led business!


To my fellow heart-aligned healers, coaches, & guides…

I see you. I know you’ve got a HUGE vision. You have the compassionate dreamer’s heart that just wants to serve and guide others to find their own healing path - But maybe you lack the confidence in your skills, the clarity in what your next steps are, and the creative flow to get things in your business moving in a direction that you feel totally aligned with.

Deep down, you KNOW that once you have these things, success is INEVITABLE.

The confidence, the clear direction, and that creative flow is all accessible to you RIGHT NOW! If you have this inner knowing that this is where you’re meant to be, that you’re meant for a bigger purpose, and are ready to hit the gas and take your business to the next level, this intensive is the perfect place to land.


You’ve been waiting for high-level support from an experienced coach so that you can fill your practice & run your biz as a badass CEO with ease.


Maybe you've been spinning your wheels trying to figure what to focus on to get your business off the ground? Social Media, creating a website, email marketing, networking, creating a million different offers... What if I told you that you could save MONTHS of headache and frustration, and that the clarity you're looking for is not too far away? 

If this sounds like you, my 1:1 CEO Intensive is the perfect place for you to..


Gain the confidence to be more visible


Find clarity in what direction to take your biz


Infuse creativity & fun into your CEO role

There may be a reason...

Why You Haven't Fully Embraced Your Inner CEO


Starting a business, especially if you've never done it before, is SCARY!


Does this sound like you...

  • You've been sucked into scammy business coaching programs that didn't actually help you make any progress?
  • You get anxious thinking about being visible online or in your community?
  • You sit down in your office or wherever you work on your business, and have NO idea what to focus on?
  • You constantly compare yourself to other coaches out there who seem to have it all together?
  • You haven't had the space to listen to that inner voice, and instead lean on things (podcasts, courses, other expert coaches) outside of yourself to make decisions in your biz?


I totally get it.

Running a business is not something that they teach us in certification. So, it's no surprise that the "being a CEO" aspect of new entrepreneurship can be overwhelming for some of us, especially if this your first time exploring it. But it doesn't have to be overwhelming! Stepping into your CEO power can be fun and allow you to tap into so much creativity and play in your business in a way that feels totally aligned with your heart!


"Within 2 months of completing our coaching container, I filled my coaching practice completely organically through referrals without any social media marketing! I am certain that the internal shifts I had while working with Shawne allowed for the energetic attraction of my clients. "

Meaghan C., California

1:1 CEO Intensive

During this 2-week intensive coaching and mentoring process, I tailor my support to each client and meet the needs of the human in front of me, but some of the big topics I've supported people through in the past are...

Biz Organization & CEO Systems

Learning how to set up your business systems to save you time, energy, and money so that you are actually running your business, not letting your business run you.

Breaking Through Internal Blocks

A place to get live support with deeper internal blocks that may be keeping you from success. Imposter syndrome, fear of being seen, not feeling enough... Nothing is off limits!

Irresistible Offer Creation & Niching

Building out your offer suite and nailing down your ideal client in a way that feels in total alignment with your soul's purpose and the work you want to be doing in the world.

Up-leveling Your Coaching Skills

Learn all my strategies for holding powerful space for your clients and facilitating powerful transformation! We can talk through case studies and sharpen your coaching skills.

How does this sound?


Here's what to expect in the intensive...

  • An in-depth pre-coaching assessment to help you zoom out and get clear on what opportunities are available to you for growth so that you can come to our deep-dive session feeling fully prepared. 
  • A 90-minute deep-dive session AND a 30-minute follow-up session about a week or two later, where we can create some immediate momentum for you to gain more direction and tangible results in your business.
  • Unlimited in-between message support for 2 weeks through Telegram, where you can implement and integrate the work we do in session and have a place to process it all.
  • Tailored tools and resources from my library of templates and trainings that my own private clients have used to create wild success in their businesses. 

Holly B., Arizona

"I booked my first 2 playing clients the first month I started working with her. I was able to grow my business at a pace that felt good for me, with reassurance that I could still build a successful practice, without feeling the pressure to rush, leading to burnout."


"I was eyeball deep in overwhelm and Shawne sat with me in that space, coached me through it with grace, compassion and a little tough love when I needed it. During our time together, I got my first paying client which is truly a feeling like no other!"

Ready to dive in









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& I can answer any questions you have about the intensive and help you get clear on how it can work for your business before you decide to jump in.


Meet your coach

Hi, I'm Shawne!

I'm a multi-passionate nurse turned Somatic Visibility Coach & Business Mentor for heart-aligned coaches & healers. After leaving nursing, I jumped into the deep end of new entrepreneurship, leveraging the support of my own mentors and resources to help my practice grow and scale to multiple six-figures in just three years.

I've tested and tried so many different strategies, spent years researching and learning, done my own intense inner healing work, and invested tens of thousands of dollars into courses and business coaching to become the expert I am now.

I absolutely love sharing my authentic voice, being visible to the people that I want to help, and guiding other coaches & healers to do the same with confidence.

But it wasn't always this way...

I may have lots of clarity and confidence in who I am as a coach now, but I still had the same fears, frustrations, and hesitations that you have. It wasn't always easy for me to be visible or to put myself out there. Every offer I launched came with lots of doubt and self-questioning at first.

We all have our self-limiting beliefs. I would hide on social media. I would avoid connecting with people. I would create something I felt great about, but then doubt the value that other people would find in it.

I had to do a lot of my own inner work, lean into the support of my own coaches, and learn to stop seeing certain aspects of entrepreneurship as roadblocks. When I changed my perspective and sought out the right guidance and resources, my entire business transformed.

This is possible for you too.

Your path to fully stepping into your CEO power


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Sign-Up for Your 1:1 Intensive

Fill out your detailed pre-coaching assessment with questions to help you see where there could be room for growth or deeper work.


Gain Confidence & Clarity as a CEO

Finally feel confident in running your business like an actual CEO rather than just someone with a side-gig. Get organized, allow yourself to be creative, & last but not least - have some fun with it!



"The experience in her profession really shines and I feel so honored to have had such an amazing mentor to help me grow my business. I'm at a completely different place with my practice than I was before enrolling with Shawne."


"I will be forever grateful for the vision that Shawne helped me see and wading through the muck of the unknown with me as I learned and built the initial phase of my business."

Frequently Asked Questions

Real talk, my friend

Here's the honest truth...

I know there are so many options out there for business coaching and mentorship. Ultimately, you are going to go with your gut, whatever feels the most in alignment with where you're at.


Want to know what I love most about supporting heart-centered coaches?

It's not the amount of money my clients make or the tangible successes they bring to their businesses. It's the internal transformation that does it for me.

To be able to support people in this way, and see my clients feel CONFIDENT, feel SAFE to BE SEEN for who they really are, and share their healing gifts with the world is such an honor. While the external wins are great, it's the shift in their way of showing up and being in the world that takes the cake.

Ready to dive in









Book a Free 30-Minute Clarity Call

& I can answer any questions you have about the intensive and help you get clear on how it can work for your business before you decide to jump in.